Most healthy businesses need financing at some point.

If you want complete control of your business, but don’t have enough funds to start, we got you covered all of the way!

Over 2,000 Companies nationwide rely on Barkley Funding Group

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About Barkley Funding Group

We will bring you to the next level

Every business has different needs, and no financial solution is one size fits all. Your personal financial situation and vision will shape the financial future of your business.

How it Works

Whatever the industry is!

We help business owners find an alternative funding solution that doesn’t require mounds of paperwork.

  • Confirm requirements

    • Three months minimum time in business
    • $10,000 in average monthly sales
    • Perfect credit not required

  • Prequalify in minutes

    • Calculate your preapproval amount online
    • Complete the funding application
    • A funding specialist will contact you

  • Get your capital fast

    • Choose your amount (up to 150% of monthly gross)
    • Money is deposited in 1-3 days
    • Put your funding to work for your business

  • Make simple payments

    • No large monthly payment amounts
    • Choose daily or weekly payments
    • Never miss a payment with auto pay